On Saturday, June 30th, a small group of goats made the quick trip up to Pine Grove PA for a little wheeling at Rausch Creek. The day started bright and early as Cmason164 sent a group text at 4am notifying us he was coming up and would meet us at 8am. This finalized our group, Cmason164, Burnzy, DeltaCharlie45, DaJanx, and SilverSurfer. Everyone arrived by 8:30am and by the looks of the parking lot, we were going to have the park to ourselves. Aired down, doors off and we were rolling. We wanted to tackle Rock Creek, end to end, but were a little concerned that DaJanx is open/open. He let us know he’s run it before so we said fuck yeah, lets’s go. We made a b-line for Rock Creek by cruising through a bunch of geens until we reached trail 11. Quick left onto 10A for an easy blue that puts you out onto Rock Creek. We started crawling our way along with no problems. There was nobody of the trail all day and it was glorious. About half way through, There is a loud rush of air…Burnzy blew a bead.

After a little tire love, we got it back on and aired up. Sweet, let’s roll. Burnzy moves 1/8″ and blows the same damn bead. This time the tire is wedged so out comes the hi-lift. Once again, tire is fixed and we get going.

It is during this down time that DaJanx informs me that when he said that he’s “done Rock Creek”, that means he crossed over it once. He manned up and wheeled his JKU through 90% before turning onto 13A. He parked and came down so I told him I’d give him a ride back to his Jeep. “Cool, Otter’s is right here which will take us there”. Well, Otter’s was not right there so I bitched like an old man and we found our own path. We met back up with the group after they went through Deathtrap and 19B and all went up 17. After a quick lunch, we hit 15, down 12A and through 20. 20 is a cool little trail that takes you through a creek and had some fun terrain.
By this time, it was getting into the afternoon, so we headed over to Yellowjacket. Yellowjacket was fun as we all took our turn getting up it. From there, we took trail 4 to 5 and then some rando trails on our way back to the parking lot. We finished the day running the gauntlet.
You have all been to Rausch before, but this time it was practically empty. I may have seen 5 or six other vehicles the entire day. Pretty sweet. It was a great day of wheeling without any major damage.