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Michael, John, Burnzy, David

Doe Valley OHV Area located in Windber, Pennsylvania is a private off-road park for Big Rubbers 4x4 Club. The park is open to the public a few times a year for special events. Thanks to Michael, who reached out to their president Sam Buchkovich, they allowed us to come and try out their playground.

We arrived Friday night and met up with Sam, White Kenny, and Pat at the campground. Sam asked us what kind of wheeling we liked and of course we all answered ROCKS! Sam assured us there would be plenty of rocks. We all had to chuckle when Sam said people say that Doe Valley blue trails are comparable to black trails at Rausch Creek. After some more small talk Michael, Burnzy, and I headed over to our camp site for the night. We were all pretty eager to hit the trails the next day and hoping that they park was worth the drive

We started out the day on an easy green trail as we headed east towards Pickler, Walk in the Park, and Bronco Trail. About three minutes into the ride I had already taken a log to the rear wheel and destroyed the valve stem. The group helped me swap it out with the spare while laughing at my expense.

The few trails we hit first all kind of blended together as they are in close proximity to each other.

As soon as we finished up I noticed some my steering felt off and then saw my right front tire pressure dropping on the TPMS. I had gotten some wood stuck in the bead so we had to stop and take care of it. As before the guys gave me shit for my second tire issue of the day.

We then headed back towards the staging area and met up with another JKU, Unfortunately I cannot remember his name. The second half of the day was hitting trails such as "More Rocks", "Rob's Run", "Exit Wound", "Fantastic Voyage", and "Rocky Road". These were some awesome trails, rock gardens with some boulders of all sizes.

Some shots of Rob's Run which Michael described as "Just like Corum"

On Fantastic Voyage Michael decided that his exhaust was causing some clearance issues and removed it for the rest of the day.

This was a pretty sweet trail.

The last trail of the day was Rocky Road.

Which could have gone better for David but as usual the Big Rubbers crew stepped in to get us moving pretty quickly.

Shortly after finishing up on Fantastic Voyage the sky opened up to a torrential downpour. Luckily I kept my doors on all day, the rest of the crew got pretty soaked. Since we all had a long drive back and the rain didn't look like it was going to stop, we packed up and headed out. The park is about 200 acres and we only wheeled around 80 acres in about 5 hours time. Can't wait to get back!

Big shout out to Sam, Pat, and Kenny. These are some of the most friendly and positive guys I have had a chance to wheel with. And yes, Doe Valley blues equal Rausch Creek blacks.

Also what trip wouldn't be complete without Bunzy running into a tree?

(At the campground)

2018-09-01 Doe Valley
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